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Format: Digital On-Demand 

Original Moxie Founder and Chief Formulator, Rachel Blistein, will guide you through an in-depth introduction to the Original Moxie product line that includes detailed information on the origin story, chemistry, and function of each of our unique formulations.  This course begins with an explanation of the Original Moxie approach to product terminology, breaks down the science behind various ingredients, and empowers you with the knowledge you need to educate both yourself and your clients on what makes each of our products a true Original.  

Note:  This product is available only to licensed cosmetologists.  We strongly recommend that you obtain products prior to taking the class.  Hands-on experimentation and evaluation is essential to gaining fluency with our product line.  To learn more about ordering a Starter Kit, contact Janelle Franklin at



Founder & CEO

Rachel Blistein

At Original Moxie®, our business is personal. It started in 2009 with Rachel Blistein’s quest to understand and heal her dry, damaged curls. Her kitchen chemistry experiments led her to create a full line of natural hair care products, each one designed to meet the needs of specific hair types. After launching her business, she embarked upon a 4-year study that included over 1,000 individuals. The data she collected on Curl Pattern, Shape, Porosity, and Texture allowed her to identify characteristic patterns, which took shape as Hair Type Personalities™ and became the basis for our professional guide to Moisture Balancing,™ a science-based approach to optimizing hair health.