About Us

At Original Moxie®, our business is personal. It started in 2009 with our Founder Rachel Blistein’s quest to understand and heal her dry, damaged curls.  Her kitchen chemistry experiments led her to create a full line of natural hair care products, each one designed to meet the needs of specific hair types.   After launching her business, she embarked upon a 4-year study that included over 1,000 individuals.  The data she collected on Curl Pattern, Shape, Porosity, and Texture allowed her to identify characteristic patterns, which took shape as Hair Type Personalities™ and became the basis for our professional guide to Moisture Balancing,™ a science-based approach to optimizing hair health. 

The Moxie Method™ of Curly Cutting developed in parallel with the Moisture Balancing™ and evolved as the natural progression from the brand’s commitment to hair health.  Observing a disconnect between the physical dynamics of curly hair and the prevailing cutting methods, Rachel worked with a team of stylists to devise a hair type specific approach to curly cutting.  The result is a technique that unifies hair science with cutting fundamentals, allowing practitioners to shape any hair type with precision and ease.  

Our personal approach carries through to every aspect of the business.  We are based in the small town of Ypsilanti, Michigan where our products are handcrafted by an all-female team in the same building that houses the brand’s flagship salon, store, and teaching facility.  What we observe in our services informs how we design our products and vice versa.   This ‘roots to tips’ approach ensures a high level of quality control as well as a strong symbiosis between our products and our techniques.  From our sustainably-sourced ingredients to our hair-type specific practices, everything that we do is centered around our belief that It’s All Good Hair™!

Course Refund Policy

Please note that refunds are not available for any Original Moxie Professional Course. For in-person certification events transference of tickets to another certification event is available upon request. 

We believe in putting a personal touch into everything that we do and want your education experience with Original Moxie to be a satisfying one. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your education experience please contact us at [email protected].